Common Spaces at Ronnie Scott’s

Mark Gwynne Jones has just completed a mini-tour of shows. Above is a clip from his solo performance at Ronnie Scott’s in Soho, performing the relatively new poem ‘Whose Common Now’.

The Psychicbread were also on the road, and along the way they performed again at the Buxton Festival Fringe. (They won the Best Spoken Word event in the fringe awards yet again.) Here’s a review of that show by Sarah Jones of the Oxford Festival Fringe.

“As a newcomer to the Buxton Fringe experience, I was on the lookout for a show which might capture the essence of a mature and self-confident fringe in its prime. “The Spoken World of Mark Gwynne Jones and the Psychicbread” caught my eye, but I wondered whether the world I was about to be sucked into would leave me queasy or uncomfortable. But the show was mesmerizing and thought-provoking and the audience captivated – I need not have worried. Mark’s world view deconstructs our everyday lives, examining our suppressed urges, materialist tendencies and packaged lives. His theatrical delivery and poetic word-play occasionally hints at Dylan Thomas, Roger McGough and at time Edgar Allen Poe, but in the end, is all his own.

Billed as Spoken Word, this underplays the complexity of Mark’s unique genre. His stories are imaginatively enhanced by an evocative sound-track created by music, percussion, and vocals of Psychicbread and the effect is spell-binding. Mark plays the flute, Nick the Hat delivers Kora, Guitars and Kalimba. Louise Swain plays keyboard, groove box, an array of percussion and adds atmospheric vocals and John Thorn is on drums. All these sounds cleverly interweave with each other in the skillful hands of sound engineer, John McGrother.

Overall, this was a very rewarding exotic fringe experience, not to be missed. Unfortunately, Mark’s show was a one-off evening experience at the fringe this year, but no doubt he will be back – watch out for the Psychicbread and book tickets early next year!”

See reviews of more fringe shows here.

For more on Mark and Psychicbread, click here.

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