Listen – There is a Saviour

Wayne Price

When we were reading for Bonne Route (Route 19) Wayne Price’s story ‘There is a Saviour’ was one of those that got a universal large thumbs up by all the readers in the process. We were delighted with it. Likewise, when Wayne made the trip down from Aberdeen to Leeds to read at the launch. He showed himself to be a very considered and thoughtful man who approaches his writing with a great deal of commitment and integrity. He grew up in South Wales and has lived in Scotland for a number of years now, and this is evident in his soft and gentle, sort of hybrid Celt, accent. When he took to the microphone to read at the launch, he hypnotised the audience throughout.

The story follows Leyden, divorced and in a quarrelsome relationship with his student son, as he reluctantly embarks on an embarrassing cross-country drive from Edinburgh to Kettick in the rain to move his son’s sixteen year old live-in girlfriend back to her father. We’re delighted that Wayne has now recorded the story for our website. You can listen or download here.

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