The Route Book at Bedtime

The Route Book at Bedtime (Route 22) is now available. The book is officially released in Spring 2010 but we have made advance copies available from our website should you like to get in their first. Always a special moment for us when we release one of these titles.

This title marks a full decade of the Route Series of Contemporary Stories. We’re very particular how we compile these titles, they are very close to our overall publishing ethic.  In some ways, I guess it is relatively easy to put together an anthology of stories, but to do it well and honestly is a very difficult task. The stories are selected in such a way as to try and reflect the current preoccupations of the day. It is the themes that emerge from our submission pile that determines the flavour of the book. We’ve been doing that for a whole decade now and the result – at least in my own mind anyway – is some kind of literary chronicle of the last ten years. The first title in this series was Introducing The Graphomaniacs (Route 1) which was issued in February 2000. At the time we were riding the wave of millennial optimism. Little did we know that less than two years later that bubble was about to burst in New York and we’d be plunged into the darkness of the War on Terror, military invasions and social paranoia creeping into our own communities. Social and technological change continued at a rapid pace in an artificial boom, changing the way many of us live our lives. And then the banks melt down and the economy drops through the floor as a consequence.  It’s been quite a time.

We hope the series throughout the last ten years has captured an element of living through these times at a human and social level.  As the decade moved to its end, we marked the election of Barack Obama, and a new a wave of optimism, with the publication of Born in the 1980s, a book which looks to the future and a new generation to take over. The Route Book at Bedtime is an apt conclusion to this period in our history, time for bed and reflection. We’re very proud of this one, it’s a good mixture of the familiar and the new and I hope you get chance enjoy it.

Ian Daley

Click here for more details and to order a copy.

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