San Jordi – Book as token of love

San Jordi day today for the Catalans. A man should give a gift of a book to a woman. It is a token of love. If it’s La Rochelle, the message will be found in the book. It’s a key scene. Here’s a very short extract.

‘What Ian had in fact done was he’d gone and given Laura a book on the Catalans’ equivalent of St George’s Day – San Jordi, they call it. And if you do this, it’s a love token. This was what she explained to him that night in Brighton. They’re a literate bunch, the Catalans, by the sound of it. Certainly wouldn’t do that in this country, would you – buy a woman a book? Get out of it! You’d be blown out for that in England, buying a woman a book to get to know her… Picture it. War and Peace, sumptuous box set. ‘Oh… you don’t like war, darling? Or peace? You only like dancing?’ Humiliation. It’d suit me over there, I can tell you. I’d be doing a lot better than I currently am; better than I am, and better than I have done as well. But would I be doing better than I will do? Ah, now there’s a question; one for the god of split tenses.’

More on La Rochelle

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