Humty Dumpty – Discuss

Professor of the absurd Peter Mortimer discusses the social and political resonance of the nursery rhyme Humpty Dumpty in this satirical paper presented at an impromptu fringe session of the 11th International Conference on the Short Story in English. Recorded at The Foyer, Courtyard Hotel, Downtown Toronto, 18 June 2010. Moderating the event is Professor Alan Spence and assisting Professor Mortimer in his presentation are Emma Turnbull and Beda Higgins.

Click here to open up this paper as a PDF. Rick click to save it.


Peter Mortimer is a playwright, poet and travel writer who lives in the North East coastal village of Cullercoats. He is the founder and artistic director of Cloud Nine Theatre Productions, and the editor of IRON Press. His books include Broke Through Britain, 100 Days on Holy Island, The Last of the Hunters, Cool for Qat and Camp Shatila, a chronicle of his time in the Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut where he put on a play with school children. For more information on Peter visit his website

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