A Few Good Books Stack

The dealine for our open submission guidelines passed on 31 August and the photo above is what we came back to after our summer holidays. If you sent in a book proposal for A Few Good Books, then it will be in there somehwere. There’s just over 160 proposals which should keep us busy reading over the next few months. It’s our plan to make our way through them over the autumn and hopefully we’ll be able to commission some books, we’ll do our best. Many thanks for those of you who submitted. As always, it’s a very humbling experience opening those envelopes and seeing the work inside. We’ll be in touch.

Ian Daley, Editor

2 thoughts on “A Few Good Books Stack

  1. 🙂 I’m not in a dark corner, gathering dust and the interest of passing spiders. I’m on a pile. That pile. And that makes me happy. Posting that picture was a lovely thing to do Ian. Thanks. J.

  2. Dear Ian

    I was much reassured that my slim mss submission for your adult bedtime stories is somewhere in that pile on your table! I sent it in June. Glad that you have a decent bottle – opened, I notice – to help you along the way.
    The photo was great fun, thank you.
    Best wishes

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