Young Yorkshire Author Opportunity

Route have been supported by Arts Council England, Yorkshire to offer a golden publishing opportunity for a young Yorkshire based author, aged 18-30. Full details of this opportunity, including submission criteria and deadlines will be announced in due course, but for now we just wanted to make the tip-off that it is happening to give writers a head start.

Yorkshire is rich in literary history, punching above its weight with a long line of prominent authors. From Sterne and the Brontes, via Priestly and the angry young men to Joanne Harris and David Peace. But who will write for the next generation and what is their story? Born post deindustrialisation and now third-generation from the mass immigration of the 50s and 60s, contemporary young writers have a rich and varied landscape to draw from.

There will also be an opportunity or two for aspiring young publishers/editors in the region to get involved with the project. Full details will be published here when the full criteria is announced. Please check back.

Yorkshire has a strong network of support for young writers. Information about this support network is gathered on the Young Writers Hub –

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