Secrets of the Peak Whispered Underground

Photo by Gavin Repton

‘Inspired… draws the audience into a world where things are not quite what they seem’  The Guardian

‘Astonishing… you’ll love this show’ The Daily Mail

Four-times fringe award winners Mark Gwynne Jones and the Psychicbread are set to reveal the unheard voice of the Peak District in a show staged in the echoing chambers of The Devil’s Arse, Castleton.

In an underground display of film, sound and poetic drama the show promises an exotic experience taking people on a new journey through the region. From reflections on a B29 bomber that crashed in the High Peak, to the compelling story of the last gibbet in Derbyshire and how it was a poet who ended the grisly practice – this new collection of lyrical works is inspired by some of the region’s most outstanding locations, its unique culture, and stories that connect the Peak to wider struggles and world history.

Commissioned by Glassball Art Projects, the event will showcase an on-going project to write and record lyrical works in the places that inspired them. Well known for surreal narratives with an almost music-hall edge, the underground setting for this show will only add to Psychicbread’s high sense of drama. Their sound is contagious, gritty and sometimes startlingly sensitive. Once described as new musical theatre, Mark’s stories are imaginatively enhanced by the music, percussion and vocals of Psychicbread – and the effect is spell-binding.

Mark Gwynne Jones and the Psychicbread will stage ‘A Lyric in Limestone’ at: The Devil’s Arse, Peak Cavern, Castleton, S33 8WS. on Sat 16 Jul 8pm to 9pm £9 (Child £6, Conc £8). This event is part of the Buxton Festival Fringe and tickets are available from the Opera House Box Office: 0845 127 2190 / or online at

Click here for more on Mark Gwynne Jones.

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