Route Young Author Shortlist

We are pleased to announce the shortlist for the Route Young Author competition.

Controller – Sally Ashton
Rites – Sophie Coulombeau
Frances Andrews – Caroline Hargreaves
Mazungu – Matthew T Potter
Broken Things – Amy Robson

The shortlist decisions were made with the support of two young editors, Victoria Price and Rebecca Pedley, who read through all submissions and were faced with the difficult task of narrowing the selection down to a shortlist of five titles.

Victoria Price: ‘We were inundated with original and inspired ideas, highly sophisticated tales of intrigue, fantastical worlds and explorations of identity with heartbreaking denouements. A wonderful opportunity to be able to hear such unique tales from such talented young voices.’

Rebecca Pedley: ‘It was very difficult to come to a decision about the final five because there were many manuscripts that had such promise.  I am looking forward to the next part of the process, narrowing down the shortlist to our winner. I feel that this will be an even harder decision seen as the final five are so diverse and all have strong storytelling abilities.’

The shortlisted titles will be read by judges over the summer months and a decision on the final winner will be made in late September. The winning book will be published by Route in 2012.

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