La Rochelle at the James Tait Black Memorial Prize Award Ceremony

I love this book… It’s got a real type of wit… It’s like Proust in Peckham or Hamlet in Holborn… It’s the kind of book that makes you want to importune your friends, ‘read this one’… This guy is going places, this guy is going to come back. Go and read this tremendous book. – Dr Lee Spinks

Michael Nath and a small party turned up at the Edinburgh Book Festival on Friday night for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize award ceremony. Michael’s book was one of four shortlisted titles in the running for the award. The fiction prize eventually went to Tatjani Soli for The Lotus Eaters on the night, but there was a lot to be taken from the event. Not least of which was the fine hospitality of the Edinburgh University English Department and the Edinburgh Book Festival, but also the fine words spoken about the book by Dr Lee Spinks, the chair of the judges panel for the fiction award. Dr Spinks’s appraisal of the book can be seen in the above video.

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