All Embracing Launch


Tonight sees the launch of Dave Pescod’s All Embracing and Other Stories at The Punter Barn in Cambridge. There will be readings, music, drink and good company.

As a taster for the collection, we have now published Dave’s story Wishbone Duty as a single short story on Kindle.

A daughter returns to visit her father in the old family home for the holiday season.

‘As usual the hours of preparation were erased by the minutes of consumption, but at least she got the wishbone. She reached across the table, her little finger clasping the bone, he attached his and they pulled. Sarah wished for the future and a different Christmas in another country. Mansell wished for the past, a slower world, dancing with Elsie in the village hall. The bone snapped and they pulled their hands apart. Sarah smiled, skiing somewhere in the Alps with an admirer.’

Highly commended in international competitions, this haunting story touches the very soul of existence and love.

Just 77p in the UK. Click here for details.

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