A Neat Invitation To Tell Stories

Here’s an invitation from Neat to get involved in their handsome looking project ‘Telling Stories’.
‘Everybody is important and everybody has a story to tell. ‘Telling stories’ invites you to submit your own work about your life and where you live in any form. ‘Telling Stories’ will be launched on June 5th at Wakefield Labour Club and finish with a celebration and sharing event on November 8th. The launch event is an opportunity to get more information, meet other people and talk about individual and joint projects. Poets, authors, musicians, photographers, dramatists and artists – experienced and starting out – will be there.

Telling Stories is organised by ‘Neat’. ‘Neat’ encourages people to do positive, creative things in these hard times. ‘Neat’ is a refusal to be ground down by the misery of low pay / temporary / no jobs and is an opportunity to keep positive through working with people. ‘Neat’ has already run a stand-up workshop with Mark Thomas and is supported by author David Peace amongst others.

Send work or contact people through the ‘Neat’ website
Or come to the launch do at the club June 5th  5pm onwards
Wakefield Labour Club, Vicarage Street, (behind Trinity Walk)


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