Even the Rain on Release in UK

Even the Rain gets a run in UK cinemas.

> Click here for more info on the film.

> Click here for details on the book.

‘Bollaín and Laverty offer a cutting, self-critical analysis of their medium while finding an honest and effective perspective on history’  – Time Out

‘This smart fable stars Gael García Bernal as a heartthrob Herzog’ – The Guardian

‘Sharply directed and superbly written, this is a thought provoking and emotionally engaging political drama’  – View London

‘The story oozes ambition while Gael Garcia Bernal gives a superb performance’ – Virgin

‘Even The Rain is clever, warm and compelling, and kept me thinking long after I departed the cinema.’ – Don’t Panic

‘Scores points for stylistic ambition and its heartfelt sympathies towards the dispossessed. – Total Film

‘With each new Laverty script there is renewed hope that cinema can achieve its lofty ideals.’ – The Quietus

‘Even the Rain reminded me in one of the most masterful ways I have ever seen, that the Indigenous people are still being dehumanized in the 21st Century.’ – Edward James Olmos

‘At a time when the poor of the world seem to be rising up, I found myself deeply moved and completely enthralled by this film.’ – Michael Moore

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