Inspiral Carpets Appreciation Society Review

Review of Carpet Burns by Wendy Gabriel for Inspiral Carpets Appreciation Society.

Tom’s book about his life as the singer of the Oldham 5 piece is a real eye-opener, and takes you on a real rollercoaster of the ups and downs of being in a band at the heart of the Manchester music scene.

Setting the backdrop at the very beginning of his Oxford based childhood, brought up by his strict, and unemotional father it sets out that whereas Tom was always the middle class Southerner, the other lads in the Inspirals were Northern and working class.

The autobiography traces his early days with Too Much Texas up until he auditioned (beating Noel Gallagher to the prize) for our favourite garage band.

The Inspirals set up their own label, Cow Records , and also signed to Mute in 1989, and this book tells the tale of their early days, peaking with playing Manchester’s Gmex in 1990 and playing all over the world.

Tom entices the reader with humorous tales, such as their spat with the Happy Mondays who called them ‘Clueless knobheads’, their many drunken pranks and also heartfelt moments such as when Tom gave free tickets to sold out shows to eager fans.

One of the highlights of this book are the origins of the awesome songs they wrote. Who knew the sprightly ‘Caravan’ was all about Nazi Death Marches that concentration camp inmates were subjected to?

Tom honestly opens his diary to all on tours of the U.S, Germany, Belgium, Spain and other European countries which made interesting and detailed reading of the minutae of life on the road, right down to the meals they ate in different cities and different characters they met along the way.

Not shy in exposing the gritty reality of being in a band, Tom writes of problems they had with their manager’s extravagant spending sprees, the intricate difficulties they had with the taxman, and when it all started going pear-shaped after Mute dropped them along the same time they had no publishing contract either.

The last few pages when Tom parted company with the band are written particularly emotively and leave a lump in the throat but ever the survivor, Tom bounces back with new band the Lovers.

A memorable frontmen, a great singer, and now an accomplished author.

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