Light Transports


Let the brain escape the strain
Commuter Books Now Only £1.85 for Kindle.

Light Transports is a set of three collections of short stories designed as pocket books for the commuter. The books are compiled with a series of stories that reflect differing lengths of journeys – A Couple of Stops, Commutes and Intercity – and are pulled together by editor Steve Dearden. (You can see Steve’s account of the project here.)

A Couple of Stops    commutes_cover    intercity_cover

A Couple of Stops
Seven stories of ten minute reads for short journeys.
Featured authors: Winifred Holtby, Tom Spanbauer, Mandy Sutter, Steven Hall, Ellen Osborne, Chenjerai Hove, Kath McKay.

Four stories of twenty minute reads for medium-length journeys.
Featured authors: Alecia McKenzie, M Y Alam, Jack Mapanje, Sumeia Ali.

Four stories of forty minutes reads stories for longer journeys.
Featured authors: Storm Jameson, Mark McWatt, Patricia Duncker, Aritha van Herk

Click on the above links to order on Kindle.

The books are also available as a set of 3 pocket paperbacks. £10 for the set. Click here.

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