The Big Midweek Signing


Steve Hanley & Olivia Piekarski signing the 300 numbered edition of The Big Midweek: Life Inside The Fall. These books have now sold out.

You can still order advance copies if you want a copy before the official release date. Place your order here. (Books despatched week beginning 14 July 2014) Official release date 15 September 2014.

Read the first interview with Steve on the Fallnet website.

Read the first reviews

The first insider’s account of life inside The Fall, Steve Hanley’s story unfolds like a novel; from 1979 when he joined his schoolmates Marc Riley and Craig Scanlon in The Fall, he puts us right in the heart of the action: on stage, on the tour bus, in the recording studio, and up close and personal with an eccentric cast of band mates. These vividly drawn scenes give unprecedented insight into the intense, highly-charged creative atmosphere within The Fall and their relentless work ethic which has won them a dedicated cult following, high-art respectability and a unique place in popular music history.

Foreword by Marc Riley


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