Photos – Big Midweek Launch Party

We were humbled by the array of talent that came to support Steve and Olivia for the launch of their book, and the legions of fans / friends and ex-members who travelled to witness the spectacle. Here’s a selection of photos from the night.

Steve Hanley and Olivia Piekarski

The star attractions Olivia Piekarski and Steve Hanley at the soundcheck

Olivia Piekarski reading

Olivia Piekarski reading

paul-hanleyThe great Paul Hanley – Compere, Drums, Vocals and all round Master of the Ceremonies


Our question master, the lovely Sarah Walters


On guitar the legendary Colin Burns, an unsung star of the story


A touch of class on the keyboards, a delight: Fall founder member Una Baines

jason-brownOn lead guitar, riff king Jason Brown

steve-morris-with-bandA touch of glam from Steve Morris for All The Young Dudes

balaclavaOur mystery man in balaclava for Container Drivers

helene-forshawOur compatriot, soul and blues sensation Helen Forshaw belting out Mr Pharmacist


The shy and retiring John Robb exploding into Release the Bats and Totally Wired


Yer Granny on Bongos. Totally Wired. The amazing Shirley.Friedman

hulahoopdancerCan you have a rock and roll book launch without a florescent hula-hoop dancer?


The mighty Tom Hingley burning up The Killing Moon


A Fall reunion party: Si Wolstencroft, Paul Hanley, Grant Showbiz, Marcia Schofield, Brix Smith Start

For more on the book:

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