Hungarian Praise


A feature in the Hungarian music magazine, Recorder, lists ‘Ten books to make you fall in love with music again’. Bringing It All Back Home is in good company, as you can see from the book shelf image above. But better than that, here is what they say about it:

‘The last one is the best one, if it’s possible to raise the bar more. Ian Clayton is a cultural news writer and radio presenter and he wrote the most existing book about popular music. It doesn’t matter who he writes about in it(for example Billie Holiday, who he writes about a lot) but the point is how he writes. Music appears in the book as the memory evoker, enabling him to bring to life his own life’s soundtrack. From love to loss and friendship to family, he encloses all the big themes, in a way that we can’t help but think about our own music memories that link place to culture, but how we wish that we wrote all this down so beautifully.’

Well, Köszönöm szépen!

Read the feature here

Click here for more on Ian Clayton

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