Bob Dylan 1965 Los Angeles Press Conference

Bob Dylan’s 1965 Los Angeles press conference in full, with moving pictures. Recorded on 16 December 1965. Dylan was facing the now predictably uninformed press corps, but you can hear plenty of girls giggling which does seem to spur him on. These are most likely reporters from printed ‘pop’ media KRLA Beat and TeenSet, both of whom subsequently gave Bob a positive, generation-splitting report. KRLA Beat reported on the conference:

It became somehow like a giant Alice-in-Wonderland zoo, grotesque, with all of the animals peering out from behind their fiberglass bars at all the odd-looking people on the outside. Reporters and journalists and TV cameras all had come to see a freak in a sideshow, all had come to be entertained. … Instead, they found a man—Dylan. Some people were nosey, and asked questions which were out of place: How much money do you make, Bob? … Some round-looking people tried to squeeze their questions into little square pegholes and hoped that Dylan would follow after. … Sometimes people threw their verbal harpoons at him, only to find him throwing them right back—with deadly aim! ‘I bet you couldn’t name one thing I participate in—go ahead, I dare you!’ And there was no one there to accept the challenge. People asking foolish and irrelevant questions found that they received their answers in direct accordance. Why did you come to California, Bob? ‘I came to find some donkeys for a film I’m making!’ Are you gonna play yourself in the film? ‘No, I’m gonna play my mother, and we’re gonna call it “Mother Revisited”!’ … It was like an operating room with a hundred amateur physicians all trying to dissect one human form. But they couldn’t make the crucial incision, and the anaesthetic worked on them, instead. And then the man named Dylan rose and slowly left the room. The TV cameras turned off their blinding klieg lights, and the radio men turned off their prying microphones. Slowly all the reporters and the journalists disappeared through the one-way door, returning to their one-way lives. And then the room was quiet—there was no one left inside.


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