Blood on the Tracks New York Sessions | 17 September 1974

I got a call the [ following] afternoon from a woman, who I believe worked for Columbia, telling me to come in for that evening’s session. I remember asking her if she had called Eric about this, and she replied something like, ‘No, Bob just wants you.’ … I was almost a bit surprised they called me back, because I did not think the first day had gone well. – Tony Brown

On 17th September 1974, Bob Dylan was back in A & R Studios in New York for the second day of recording Blood on the Tracks. The feel for the album’s sound was starting to take shape, with bass player Tony Brown the only member of Deliverance invited back for the session. Keyboardist Paul Griffin came in to try organ and piano on a few takes, sometimes with Brown, sometimes without. There was a change in the assistant engineer’s chair too, Glenn Berger who had sat in the chair on the 16th had moved next door to work with Mick Jagger on mixing a Rolling Stones live tape for radio broadcast. His chair was taken up by Rich Blakin.

In all there was less than half the takes of the previous day, but the session was no less productive. Five songs intended for the album were attempted over 13 takes, plus one warm-up cover. From this session, the fourth take of ‘Shelter From The Storm’ and the third take of ‘You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go’ made it all the way to the released album. The second take of ‘You’re A Big Girl Now’ was released later on Biograph and the second take of ‘Tangled Up In Blue’ was released on Bootleg Series Vol 1-3. An edited version of the first take of ‘Shelter From the Storm’ recorded this day featured on the soundtrack to the film Jerry Maguire.

By the end of the day, all 12 songs in consideration for the album had been attempted.

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