Some Girls Mothers News

Some Girls’ Mothers are back on tour and the book is now available in paperback, eBook and audio book.

‘Touching, wounding and humbling.’Simon Armitage

Wednesday 9th June
Lancaster Literature Festival
The Storey Creative Industries Centre
Performance, 7:45pm

Monday 21 June
Trafford Word Fest
Workshop – 2pm

Sunday 1st August
Artsmill Gallery, Hebden Bridge
Performance – 5pm

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Best friend or bete noir? How does the mother/daughter relationship colour women’s lives? In Some Girls’ Mothers six authors share their stories.

By popular demand, SOME GIRLS’ MOTHERS will be touring the UK throughout 2010 until spring 2011 with a series of readings, discussion and workshops about the themes raised. Last year’s tour was a great success, revealing a level of emotional engagement and audience response unprecedented for tours of this nature.

‘Adept in the use of metaphor (they) portray the peculiar dance of independent daughters trying to guide their mothers towards truthful communication… recommended’
Diva magazine

‘Beautiful writing. A lovely mix of poignant and funny material, it will touch so many chords with so many mothers and daughters.’
Polly Thomas

‘Great book, but the performance added a whole new dimension. A brilliant evening. Thank you.’ Audience Member

‘It was stunning and people were either laughing or in tears. The writers performed with a great deal of heart and the writing was very honest… .we could have filled the places 2 or 3 times over. The workshop was great – and demand for another event like this very high.’Rose Ryan and Libby Tempest, Manchester

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