A Drink With Michael Nath

A Drink With Michael Nath

A Note from the Editor

I often say that if people had the insight into books and authors that I have, then our books would fly off the shelves. A lot of this insider knowledge comes in the hours of conversation held with authors in examining and preparing their books. I figured that one way of sharing this privileged insight would be to record a conversation and post it as a podcast. The first one I recorded was with Michael Nath in July 2010. It’s remained in the vault ever since, but working on his new novel British Story inspired me to dig it out and clip it together. So here it is.

It was recorded at our dining table at Route Towers on a typical night with Michael. There was fags and booze aplenty. After the Holsten we cracked a bottle of champagne and then drank calvados through the night. We finished at 7am. Mercifully, we’d stopped recording by then.

Over a few cans of Holsten Pils, Michael gives great insight into the workings of his novel La Rochelle and the plight of the main protagonist, Mark. The conversation meanders through topics that include Shakespeare, Racine, Goethe, T S Elliot, St Augustine, Freud, Milton, Nietzsche, The Fall, Wyndham Lewis, Webster, Céline, Henry Miller, Bukowski, James Joyce, Thomas Hardy, the Russian novelists as well as sex, personal redemption, problems with psychotherapy, contemporary tastes in literature and other subjects. There’s music too. Plus drinking and smoking. The running time is 41:33.


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La Rochelle

La Rochelle
by Michael Nath
Published by Route
‘In defiance of current literary trends.’ – The Spectator
‘Original, funny and absolutely spot-on.’ – The Independent
‘Nath has a confidence and attitude that rocks you on every page.’ – Daisy Goodwin
Shortlisted for the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for Fiction.

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Musicport Festival Book

Stories From A World Of Music.

Less than a fortnight ago, Route assembled a team of writers to gather stories told at the Musicport World Music festival in Bridlington, a small port on the Yorkshire coast. Ian Clayton and Ian Daley have now assembled those stories into a book. The result is a quirky, moving and very human account of three days at one of Europe’s best loved gatherings for World Music.

There are stories from over one hundred people; the audience, the backstage crew, the caterers, the volunteers and the musicians, including Hugh Masekela, Mary Coughlan, Iain Matthews, Mari Boine and World Music journeyman Andy Kershaw.

Signed edition for early orders
Orders for a special first edition are now being taken. Any orders received by 1 December 2011 will receive a numbered and signed edition.

The book is released on 5 December.

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A Few Good Books Stack

The dealine for our open submission guidelines passed on 31 August and the photo above is what we came back to after our summer holidays. If you sent in a book proposal for A Few Good Books, then it will be in there somehwere. There’s just over 160 proposals which should keep us busy reading over the next few months. It’s our plan to make our way through them over the autumn and hopefully we’ll be able to commission some books, we’ll do our best. Many thanks for those of you who submitted. As always, it’s a very humbling experience opening those envelopes and seeing the work inside. We’ll be in touch.

Ian Daley, Editor