Manchester Book Market 2011

A big thanks to all those lovely people who came by our stall at Manchester Book Market this year and bought books. There’s some great people in the city. (Incidentally if the German student who talked to us about Rudi Dutschke happens to be reading this, please do get in touch!)

Out stall this year was right in front of the poetry tent. Gerry Potter has hosted this event like a trooper for the last four years and he describes it as more of an arts installation than a poetry reading, such is its bizarre nature of words and phrases thrown into the air at passers-by who are on with their everyday business. The above clip is a tune from two-fifths of Manchester based poetry collective Penultimate.

Psychicbread – The City is a Drunk

Mark Gwynne Jones’ city rattles to the undertones of a diesel engine and sings like ‘a sparrow of fog and fumes and the time when he was cock of the world. Yes the city is a drunk. Harbouring hurt.’

Performed as encore at the Kings Arms in Salford.

The Psychicbread play Manchester University on 21 September. Click here for details