A Route For Fiction

Today we got confirmation from Arts Council England that our application to Grants for the Arts, ‘A Route For Fiction’ has been successful. It’s great news for us and for writers. There’ll be a few good books on the way.

We’ve three stunning novels set for release this year, including one in translation, and  this award will really help us get behind these titles and help them find the audience they deserve. The award also gives great support for us to afford time to develop some manuscripts in our Few Good Books submission round. We recently longlisted a number of titles from that round and we can now confidently draw up a shortlist in the coming month or two. It goes without saying that the award will allow us to pick up more titles than we would have been able to without it.

The hard work starts now, but we look forward to it and offer our sincere thanks of gratitude to Arts Council England for supporting us.

A Few Good Books Stack

The dealine for our open submission guidelines passed on 31 August and the photo above is what we came back to after our summer holidays. If you sent in a book proposal for A Few Good Books, then it will be in there somehwere. There’s just over 160 proposals which should keep us busy reading over the next few months. It’s our plan to make our way through them over the autumn and hopefully we’ll be able to commission some books, we’ll do our best. Many thanks for those of you who submitted. As always, it’s a very humbling experience opening those envelopes and seeing the work inside. We’ll be in touch.

Ian Daley, Editor