Paul Hanley In Conversation at Manchester Central Library

Paul Hanley in conversation with Brendan O’Shea at a Library Lounge event at Manchester Central Library.

Library Lounge is an initiative by Manchester Central Library Lovers, a fundraising campaign to support library services. Click here for more information.

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Trouble In Mind Launch Video

Clinton Heylin talks with the Bishop of Leeds, Nick Baines, at the book launch for Trouble in Mind.

The launch was held in conjunction with The CAT Club and is hosted by Rev Reynolds. Before the conversation between Clinton and Bishop Nick, the room had enjoyed a full playing of Slow Train Coming. The version played wasn’t the released album, but a previous mix sent by Dylan to his record company which had a slightly different running order and included an extra track, ‘Trouble In Mind’.

The event took place at Tap & Barrel, Pontefract.

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Mike Garry In Conversation With CP Lee

Mike Garry talks about his life, work and the city of Manchester with fellow Mancunian writer CP Lee at Louder Than Words Festival. The talk is punctuated by readings throughout. Recorded at The Palace Hotel, Manchester, November 2015.


An Evening With Ramon

Ramón Chao talks about his adventure in Colombia with Mano Negra at the book launch of The Train of Ice and Fire. In Spanish with English subtitles. Originally published on a now defunct video server, we’ve decided it’s high time it came back online.

Colombia, November 1993: a reconstructed old passenger train is carrying one hundred musicians, acrobats and artists on a daring adventure through the heart of a country soaked in violence. Leading this crusade of hope is Manu Chao with his band Mano Negra.

Manu’s father Ramón Chao is on board to chronicle the journey. As the papa of the train, he endures personal discomfort, internal strife, derailments, stowaways, disease, guerrillas and paramilitaries. When the train arrives in Aracataca, the real-life Macondo of ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’, Mano Negra disintegrates, leaving Manu to pick up the pieces with those determined to see this once-in-a-lifetime adventure through to the end.

The Train of Fice and Fire

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Soundcheck | Hanley Brothers Interview

The Hanley Brothers in conversation with John Robb on Soundcheck, a That’s Manchester TV show, talking The Fall and The Extricated.

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JUDAS Launch Video

Clinton Heylin talks with Ian Clayton at the book launch for JUDAS!.

The launch was held in conjunction with Classic Album Thursdays. After the Q&A, Clinton introduces the original ‘Royal Albert Hall’ bootleg recording of the Bob Dylan and the Hawks gig at Free Trade Hall, Manchester in May 1966 and tells the story of how came to own the original tapes.

The event took place at Tap & Barrel, Pontefract, on the day that Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Ian Clayton is the author of ‘Bringing It All Back Home’









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King of Clubs Launch TV Feature

ITV’s Calendar feature on the launch of King of Clubs at Batley Town Hall, 24th March 2017.