Paul Hanley at Louder Than Words Festival

Paul Hanley in conversation with John Robb at Louder Than Words Festival, Manchester, talking about his book Leave The Capital: A History of Manchester Music in 13 Recordings.

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Leave The Capital Trailer

Video trailer for Paul Hanley’s Leave The Capital: A History of Manchester Music in 13 Recordings

Leave The Capital tells the story of Manchester music through the prism of the two studios’ key recordings. Of course that story inevitably takes in The Smiths, Joy Division, The Fall and The Stone Roses. But it’s equally the story of ‘Bus Stop’ and ‘East West’ and ‘I’m Not in Love’. It’s the story of the Manchester attitude of L.S. Lowry, by way of Brian and Michael, and how that attitude rubbed off on The Clash and Neil Sedaka. Above all, it’s the story of music that couldn’t have been made anywhere else but Manchester.

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A History of Manchester Music in 13 Recordings

Paul Hanley’s book Leave The Capital refashions the history of Manchester music. He tells his story by plotting through 13 key recordings that helped shape the city and its music. These are the recordings. Click above to listen on Spotify or YouTube. Click here for more details on the book.

Leave the Capital: A History of Manchester Music in 13 Recordings.

‘Look Through Any Window’
The Hollies

‘Bus Stop’
The Hollies

‘No Milk Today’
Herman’s Hermits

‘East West’
Herman’s Hermits

‘A Groovy Kind Of Love’
The Mindbenders

‘Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs’
Brian and Michael

‘I’m Not In Love’

‘Everybody’s Happy Nowadays’

Unknown Pleasures
Joy Division

The Clash

Perverted By Language
The Fall

The Smiths
The Smiths

‘So Young’
The Stone Roses

Published in November 2017.

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Bad Language

British Story British Tour at Bad Language, The Castle, Manchester. January 2015. Listed at No.3 in the undeniably cool things to do in Manchester that week.

Michael Nath reads a passage on the two plagues of King Lludd, as told by Arthur Mountain. ‘It’s a legend, Sire. You may shake your head.’

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Brix and The Extricated

Erstwhile members of The Fall reunite after reading Steve Hanley’s memoir

The publication of bassist Steve Hanley’s book – The Big Midweek: Life Inside The Fall – has been the unexpected catalyst to bring former band mates back to play together again. Tracing his time in seminal British band The Fall, Hanley’s book, praised for its novel-like narrative that puts readers in touching distance of the action, has vividly brought the band back to life for fans and former members alike, including Brix Smith-Start, the iconic Fall guitarist throughout the 1980s.

‘A lot of ex-band mates came to the book launch, some I hadn’t seen for over 20 years’ says Steve Hanley, ‘and there was talk afterwards of maybe doing something together again.’

A few meetings later and soon they were rehearsing old songs and new. Demand for a Christmas gig to celebrate the success of The Big Midweek provided the perfect opportunity to play live.

‘When we read Steve’s book, it reminded us how well it could work and how great those songs were,’ says Brix, these days famous for her role as a television fashion expert. ‘It feels so good to be playing again. I love playing with these guys and I’ve missed it. It’s exciting to see where we will go with this.’

The Fall has a reputation as a band with hundreds of ex-members, due to a revolving-door recruitment policy and cantankerous front man Mark E Smith hiring and firing on a whim. This is a stigma Hanley refutes. ‘If you count only the people who made a proper commitment to the band, rather than just playing the odd gig, there was less than a dozen significant members in my time.’

Hanley’s driving bass is synonymous with the band’s unique sound, Mark E Smith describing it as ‘the sound of The Fall’. He is the longest serving member of The Fall apart from Mark E Smith himself. Recruited at the age of 19, he was nearly 40 by the time he left in 1998 following an on-stage fight at a concert in New York. Many fans believe that the spirit of The Fall was lost that night.

‘Many of the ex-band members left The Fall in acrimonious circumstances, and that negative experience has tended to cloud their memories in a negative way,’ says Olivia Piekarski, co-author of the book. ‘This was certainly the case with Steve, but the more we dug away at the past, the more the good times started to resurface and he began to realise he’d had a much better time of it than he thought. The other band members report a similar feeling when they read the book. It shows how powerful the written word can be.’

‘I was twenty years in The Fall but it took writing a book to get interviewed for Bass Guitar Magazine, proof the pen is mightier than the string,’ says Hanley, reflecting on reaction to The Big Midweek. ‘The book is a gift that just keeps on giving, it’s like the Coronation Street version of Searching For Sugar Man.’

The Fall – still going with the only constant Mark E Smith at the helm – is notorious for seldom playing songs from their back catalogue, meaning some classic songs will get their first airing for over 20 years when Brix and The Extricated make their debut at The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, on 13 December. With Brix Smith-Start on guitar and vocals, Steve Hanley on bass and brother Paul Hanley on drums (‘The greatest rhythm section in rock n roll’ – Luke Haines), Steve Trafford on guitar and vocals and Jason Brown on guitar, this is a dream line up for lovers of The Fall sound. The set celebrates music from The Big Midweek, including Fall classics, plus new material.

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Set list: Brix and The Extricated, The Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 13 December 2014

Photos – Big Midweek Launch Party

We were humbled by the array of talent that came to support Steve and Olivia for the launch of their book, and the legions of fans / friends and ex-members who travelled to witness the spectacle. Here’s a selection of photos from the night.

Steve Hanley and Olivia Piekarski

The star attractions Olivia Piekarski and Steve Hanley at the soundcheck

Olivia Piekarski reading

Olivia Piekarski reading

paul-hanleyThe great Paul Hanley – Compere, Drums, Vocals and all round Master of the Ceremonies


Our question master, the lovely Sarah Walters


On guitar the legendary Colin Burns, an unsung star of the story


A touch of class on the keyboards, a delight: Fall founder member Una Baines

jason-brownOn lead guitar, riff king Jason Brown

steve-morris-with-bandA touch of glam from Steve Morris for All The Young Dudes

balaclavaOur mystery man in balaclava for Container Drivers

helene-forshawOur compatriot, soul and blues sensation Helen Forshaw belting out Mr Pharmacist


The shy and retiring John Robb exploding into Release the Bats and Totally Wired


Yer Granny on Bongos. Totally Wired. The amazing Shirley.Friedman

hulahoopdancerCan you have a rock and roll book launch without a florescent hula-hoop dancer?


The mighty Tom Hingley burning up The Killing Moon


A Fall reunion party: Si Wolstencroft, Paul Hanley, Grant Showbiz, Marcia Schofield, Brix Smith Start

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