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An extract from Ian Clayton’s book Right Up Your Street. Ian will be raising a glass to St Cyril on 14th February. Cyril, a 9th century philosopher who shares a feast day with Valentine, was a great believer in vernacular language; he made it his mission to help people to learn in their own tongue and translated the bible into the Slavic language of Moravia. Right Up Your Street is released on St Cyril’s day in honour of this lesser known saint. Click here for more.


LAUNCHES: Right Up Your Street & Carpet Burns
Two February book launches – Right Up Your Street by Ian Clayton and Carpet Burns by Tom Hingley – at our new ‘home’ venue, the Tap & Barrel in Pontefract.

PREVIEW: Sex Pistols, The Clash and the Class of ’76
Route is delighted to announce the acquisition of Clinton Heylin’s explosive new Punk chronicle: Anarchy in the Year Zero: Sex Pistols, The Clash and the Class of ’76, to be published on the 40th anniversary of one of the most significant gigs in British popular music history, when The Sex Pistols played the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester.

LIST: Our Music Books
Here’s our selection of first class books that take you closer to the music, critically acclaimed and independently published.

EXTRACT: A Sloe Christmas
An extract from Ian Clayton’s book Right Up Your Street: the great Boxing Day tradition of decanting homemade sloe gin and then supping it as a chaser with a pint of beer among friends.

NEW TITLE: Right Up Your Street
Ian Clayton’s new book Right Up Your Street is now with us. In keeping with the book, it will be released locally at first, and won’t be available in bookshops until February 2016. Until then, it is available from selected outlets only: including direct from Route. Click here for more.

NEWS: Across The Tracks
Route have teamed up with Louder Than Words to create a book of this year’s festival, the pre-eminent festival for music and literature. Across The Tracks will to capture all the activity that takes place, bringing together the stories, ideas and thoughts expressed across the weekend, from the main contributors and the audience alike. Click here for more.

GIGS: Brix and The Extricated
Autumn tour dates for Brix and The Extricated

PODCAST: The Last of Britain
Michael Nath and Nick Groom recorded in conversation at Ilkley Literature Festival 2015.In an event entitled The Last of Britain, Nick reads from his book The Seasons: A Celebration of the English Year and Michael reads from his novel British Story, before engaging in a conversation about Britishness, character and cultural heritage. Followed by questions from the audience. The running time is 50:03. Click here to listen.

FEATURE: Hungarian Praise
A feature in the Hungarian music magazine, Recorder, lists ‘Ten books to make you fall in love with music again’. Bringing It All Back Home is in good company.

WATCH: Tom Hingley ‘Prodigal Son’
Tom Hingley sings ‘Prodigal Son’ at La Rosa Hotel, Whitby. Where Lewis Carroll stayed for his holidays.

ARTICLE: Train Journeys of Colombia
An extract from an article on Train Journeys of Colombia in Le Monde Diplomatique by Robin Oisín Llewellyn, which details Ramon Chao’s book The Train of Ice and Fire.

WATCH: Talk Like That – Tom Hingley on NVTV
Tom Hingley chats with Connor McKernan of Belfast’s NVTV about his memoir Carpet Burns, his career to date and performs two tracks, ‘Glory Days’ and ‘Prodigal Son’.

REVIEW: Tom Hingley at Belfast Book Festival
Review of Tom Hingley’s interview and gig at Belfast Book Festival 2015

LISTEN: Ian Clayton at Glossop Record Club
A podcast of Ian Clayton’s presentation of Billie Holiday’s album, Songs for Distingué Lovers, plus some rare 78s at Glossop Record Club. Read an account of the trip here.

LISTEN: WFMU Radio Fall Specials
Six hours of The Fall in US radio show extravaganza. Features chats with Steve Hanley, Marc Riley & Brix, plus choice live recordings of The Fall from 1978-1998, plus a set from a specially assembled Fall cover band.

PODCAST: Steve Hanley Interview
Podcast of Simon Burgess interview with Steve Hanley on The Big Midweek, plus Steve’s later years with The Fall.

NEW BOOK: Wisdom of Our Own
The remarkable story a group of working-class women who, empowered by the Women Against Pit Closures movement, built an award-winning community learning centre on their own doorstep.

WATCH: KIng of the Welsh
Michael Nath reads from British Story at a Small Press Symposium, Westminster.

WATCH: Arthur Scargill with Ian Clayton
Ian Clayton’s Arthur Scargill film, made on the occasion of Arthur’s 70th birthday.

ARTICLE: Writers and Their Lungs
With reference to Sterne, Kafka, Proust and Katherine Mansfield, Michael Nath looks at the connection between lung complaints and an author’s style and form.

REVIEW: The Big Midweek in the New Statesman
Totally mired: The Big Midweek reveals the dark side of The Fall. Review by Austin Collings.

WATCH: Arthur Scargill with Ian Clayton
Ian Clayton’s Arthur Scargill film, made on the occasion of Arthur’s 70th birthday.

WATCH: Michael Nath at Bad Language
Michael Nath in action on his British Story British Tour event at Bad Language, Manchester.

EXTRACT: Churchill’s Funeral
Ian Clayton remembers Winston Churchill’s Funeral. An extract from Song For My Father.

LISTEN: Ian Clayton on One on One Radio Show
Ian Clayton playing a few songs and talking with Martin Kelner at BBC Radio Leeds on his One On One radio show, Leeds’ answer to Desert Island Discs.

REVIEW: British Story a Morning Star Book of the Year
‘An audacious, encyclopaedic tour of the often violent and always edgy relationship between the English, Welsh and Scottish nations.’

WATCH:Brix and The Extricated
Video, set list, context and review links for Brix and The Extricated debut gig at The Ruby Lounge, Manchester.

FEATURE: Backbone of The Strike
In an article written for programme of the Crucible Theatre production of Queen Coal, Dave Waddington outlines how the efforts of women in the 1984/85 miners’ strike were arguably more vital than those of their menfolk

WATCH: British Story Tour: Lincoln Video
Michael Nath reads from British Story on tour in Lincoln

REVIEW: Los Angeles Review of Books
Simon Lee’s considered and lengthy review of The Big Midweek for the Los Angeles Review of Books.

WATCH: Song For My Father Book Launch
Video taken at the launch of Song For My Father.

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