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Route’s gift selection for book lovers.
Signed hardback editions. Fair trade books to brighten up Christmas.

The Big Midweek: Life Inside The Fall Steve Hanley & Olivia Piekarski £17.99
There isn’t a band in the world with a story and output to match The Fall, and there isn’t a man in the world who could tell that story as well as Steve Hanley, the heartbeat of the band. If you love music, you’ll love this book.
A Guardian Book of The Year 2014 : A Rough Trade Book of the Year 2014
‘Steve Hanley has seen one of British music’s most perplexing and brilliant institutions from the inside and lived to tell the tale. This is the absorbing, eye-popping, hilarious story of growing up in the feverish heart of The Mighty Fall.’ – Stuart Maconie
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Song For My Father Ian Clayton £15
With characteristic storytelling, wit and good humour, Ian Clayton reflects on a lifelong search for a father figure, skipping across the generations to weave a tale of how we relate, what we do with what we’ve got and what happens when some things just don’t work out the way we want them to.
‘Another humble masterpiece from our finest accidental social historian. Ian Clayton writes with such natural warmth, humour, joyous attention to detail, and – above all – humanity, that I, as a lesser writer, ought to chuck my laptop in the bin.’ – Andy Kershaw
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British Story: A Romance Michael Nath £12
A romance in the old sense of the word – a tale of enchantment, questing, shape-shifting. A rich and captivating novel.
‘Nath includes nods to Shakespeare and Joyce and Tristram Shandy, references enough playing with modernism and literary style to offer an unorthodox survey course with this as the one required text. The novel has a gem of a minithriller in Natalie’s tale and an overall brain-tickling web of delights and surprises.’ – Kirkus Reviews
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Carpet Burns: My life with Inspiral Carpets Tom Hingley £12
What it felt like to be in the eye of a pop hurricane. Tom Hingley, the son of an Oxford don, gets caught up in the heat of the Madchester era as lead singer in a chart-topping band from Oldham. Noel Gallagher is their roadie.
‘A cool as f**k memoir. A first-hand account of a fascinating era in British pop, conveyed with atmosphere and colour.’ – Record Collector
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